How Minecraft began in Lothians

Lothians is a small town in the north of U.K, this sleppy town is the birthplace of the Xbox Blockbuster , Minecraft!

No-one anticipated that level of interest in the game, it produced over  £124 million of revenue for its creators and it’s still one of the most played game in the world.

For behind an ordinary unmarked door leading to an office occupied by seven blokes and a lot of gaming consoles, is where Minecraft is gradually taking over the world, block by square shaped block.

Minecraft is a verry ,,poor” and simple game at the first look, but when you start playing arround, it becomes addictive! Also, giving the player full power over the game, letting him create as much as he wants and discover new ways to use the tools from the game makes Minecraft a real drug for everyone’s minds.

More than seven million people play minecraft on Xbox Live, in one weekend, a whooping 2.2 million logged on to play at the same time, a record for the game.

Minecraft is not dying..

Even if Minecraft is such a ,,poor grapchics” game, is one of the most loved game in history. More and more people are drawn into this amazing crafting game, become adicted and falling in love with those edgy little creatures. We have planty of reasons to belive that this game will not be forgotten in … Continue reading

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